FTP (Functional Threshold Power)

Coming from a performance cycling and swimming background and participating in triathlon in his spare time; performance screening and monitoring is a passion of Daniel’s. One such objective performance test offered on site at Daniel Mark Botha Biokinetics is the Functional Threshold Power test.

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) which is defined as the highest average power you can sustain for an hour (measured in watts) is often used to determine an individual’s training zones when using a power meter and to measure performance and improvement. Functional Threshold Power is a personal number for specific training effort.

The FTP standard provides a more practical approach to performance testing and monitoring than the previously accepted standard – lactate threshold, which involved measuring blood lactate every few minutes while ramping up intensity on a trainer. In functionality, training to lactate threshold and FTP are very similar measures.

In most cases, training programs such as Zwift and the Computrainer (used at the cyclezone, where Daniel Mark Botha Biokinetics is based) as well as private cycling coaches use FTP to calibrate workout intensities, measure progress and to personalise specific training intensities.

The more you ride to a tested FTP the more you will understand your abilities and will be able to ride smarter, not harder, carefully metering your ride according to your calculated FTP.

Measuring your FTP is analogous to standing on a bathroom scale or checking body fat % in that the number will not lie.

It is recommended that serious athletes test their FTP every four to six weeks during the season in order to track performance.


Training zones according to FTP:



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