Chronic Disease Management

Chronic disease management which has emerged as a new strategy for chronic disease care, is the organized, proactive, multi-component, patient-centred approach to chronic diseases in the clinical setting. This delivery model involves all members of a defined population who have a specific disease entity (or specific risk factors). The management of chronic diseases is focused on, and integrated across the entire spectrum of the disease and its complications, the prevention of comorbid conditions, and relevant aspects of the delivery system.

Daniel Mark Botha Biokinetics offers chronic disease management including but not limited to:

  • Identification of the target population through clinically sound testing
  • Implementation of clinical practice guidelines, decision-making, tools, and the implementation of additional provider and treatment regimes
  • Focused interventions
  • The use of clinical information, systems, measurement and management of outcomes in the formulation of best practice treatment protocols.
  • Evaluation of management efficiency
  • The development of specific interventions or combinations thereof, and referral to network of specialists for co- management